Hvor langt er der til verdens ende
Children's book "Hvor lang er der til verdens ende? - 50 store spørgsmål til professoren" written by Lars Henrik Aagaard og published by People'sPress. A book...
Chapter 24 Records
My third round of covers for the British record label "Chapter 24" "Chapter 24 is a melodic house and techno record label, bringing you high quality music, art...
Pelle & Pølse - En rigtig ven
The Children's Book "Pelle og Pølse - En rigtig ven" written by Trine Bundsgaard and published by Carlsen Publishing.
Danish Saints (with dramatic deaths)
I've illustrated a group picture of the Danish saints whom have suffered af dramatic death. There are also a lot of other Danish saints but they didn't die whit a...
UCC Magasin
Illustrations for the UCC Magazine November 2015 An article about inclusion in the Danish schools.
Børn&Unge - Forskning
"Er fremtidens pædagog tekniker eller menneskekender?" Illustration for the magazine "Børn&Unge - Forskning" by BUPL
Art on Fire by BIC
My illustrative work for the "Art on Fire by BIC" project Read more here: www.mybiclighter.com And here:www.boligcious.dk
My contribution to the group exhibition "Stilleben" ( Still life ) in the small gallery CMYK kld
Chapter 24 Records #2
My second three covers for the British record label "Chapter 24" "Chapter 24 is a melodic house and techno record label, bringing you high quality music, art and...
The "Parade" exhibition
Some of my works from a small group exhibition with Louise Rosenkrands and Gina Thorstensen The exhibitions was held in "CMYK kld" in Copenhagen. A small shop...
Knivsæg ( A WW2 anthology ) Some of the scenes from my contribution to the "Knivsæg" anthology. The story is taken directly fra my Great Grandmothers...
Chapter 24 Records
My first three covers for the British record label "Chapter 24" More to come! "Chapter 24 is a melodic house and techno record label, bringing you high quality...
Upcomming Children's Book
A small sneak peek on some of the illustrations I'm making for a Children's book written by Jacob Riewe
A illustration for a article in the Danish VisAvis magazine. The article issued the European migration system.
Som en tikken under huden
Book cover for Camilla Wandahls new novel "Som en tikken under huden" The story is about a complex sister-relationship, difficult love and the fear of loss of...
Baltic sea region project
Comics for the ONE Baltic sea region project. I quote "ONE BSR Project is as an umbrella project for branding the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), with which various...
Magazine illustrations for the Danish magazine "Ledetråden" The theme for this number is stress and pressure at work.
The Devil and the Elephant
Two new lino-cuts. The small Devil and the big Elephant.
18th century clothing
Costume studies from the 18th century
Party party dance dance
Two coloured lino-cut, and yes it's a jolly party.
Væth at war
In the studio where I work we now and then make a small book or zine. For the upcoming book, with the theme "family history" I have made a short comic of stories...
Book cover for Emil Bock Greve's PhD thesis about the Danish intelligence Service "PET" Published on DJØF
Small paper-cuts inspired by Greenlandic folk art.
Illustrations for the Danish magazine "Kulturklik" A magazine about culture, museums and events. The theme of the article was about what museums do when they...
The Bible
Book cover for the best-seller book known as the Bible. Made for "Bibelselskabet" ( It's a lino cut )
It looks like rain and thunder
"Det trækker op til regn og torden" / "it looks like rain and thunder"
Autumn Sale
A two coloured lino-cut depicting the annual autumn sale.
Ledetråden - BUPL
Illustration for the Danish magazine "Ledetråden" Published by BUPL
Illustration for the Danish magazine "Magisterbladet".
Fishing Trip
Fishing Trip
Alt For Damerne #3
Illustration for an article in Danish women's magazine Alt for Damerne about crowd fonding.
Danish Art Prints
My contribution to the Danish Art Prints, a project by Anders Arhoj
ÅLF - Skolen
Magazine illustration for Skolen
Alt For Damerne #2
Illustration for Danish women's magazine "Alt For Damerne" The illustrated article was an extract from a novel called Laust written by Lotte Garbers .
Illustrations for the Danish asylum and migration magazine VisAvis
Copenhagen City Cycling Guide
Illustrations for Copenhagen issue in guide series "City Cycling Europe" Published by Thames & Hudson
Alt For Damerne #1
Various Illustrations for the Danish magazine "Alt for Damerne"
Illustrations to a German textbook, published by the Danish publishing house Gyldendal. The illustrations is for the following stories Peter Stamm: Der...
Just Like Django
Album cover for the Danish jazz band Just Like Django
Since my early teenage years I have had a big fascinations and interest in my ancestors and genealogy in general, so why not combine this with my illustrative...
With tooth and nail
Illustration to a group exhibition at the CMYK cellar. The theme was "Med næb & Klør" which translates something like "With tooth and nail"
The glass in the foot
An illustrative cartoon of an unpleasant childhood memory that the Danish artist Heidi Hove invited me to illustrate. The cartoon is a good mix of different media,...
Cover and Illustrations for the annual 2012 report for PKA in Denmark. Good vibes and people being fascinated about the big girl with the 2012.
The Younder Project
Ilustrations to a project called "The Younder Project" And I quote "Writers and illustrators working together (by the network) in the interpretation of a...
VisAvis #2
A illustration for a article in the Danish VisAvis magazine. The article was about the increasing use of biometric information in asylum and integration...
The very rough guide
My illustrations from the zine "The very rough guide" which reflects on the cultural differences and similarities of Denmark and the Netherlands The zine is made...
Small stories of bits and pieces
A bunch of small illustrations, made for an exhibition in Copenhagen.
Kælderen - Short comic
Samples from my short comic "Kælderen" The comic is part of the anthology Kulkælderen #1 made by my studio Kulkælderen. Here is a review on the anthology (...
The cat and the big fish
Without context, it's just a cat catching a really big fish.
Duke Bird
Everyone knows that there are birds kings, but not all know about the duke birds.
Four Boys Four portraits
Tour poster - Øst, Myggen & Liljeroth
Ud & Se #2
Illustration to the Danish magazine "Ud & Se" Link to the whole magazine here
Ud & Se
Vignettes for the DBS magazine Ud & Se
Trailerpark Festival
Container-wall painting. Made at the Trailerpark festival It's all about getting drunk and meeting a nice flirt.
From Magazine
Illustration to the Copenhagen based Magzine From #2
Vess - Poster
The Bench
My contribution to a group exhibition at CMYK kld i Copenhagen. This is also my first attempt to make a comic in twenty years, and certainly not my last.
Ship of Fools
Linocuts from my exhibition "Ship of Fools" They are all my interpretation of old Medieval and Renaissance allegories. I like the often grotesque imagery of...
Illustrations for the Danish asylum and migration magazine VisAvis
Illustration for the London based magazine Nobrow ( Nobrow 6: The Double issue )
Illustrations for two children books I made for the author Mette Vedsø. "Vera" and "Videre med Vera" are two books about a girl caught in the emotional chaos that...
Mixed magazine illustration #2
Mixed magazine illustration #1
Town Portal
Cover art for the Danish mathrock band Town Portal
Small illustrations for the net magazine K-Forum
Øst, Myggen & Liljeroth
Cover art for the danish girl trio Øst, Myggen & Lilkeroth.
Curiosity Killed The Cat
Works from the "Curiosity Killed The Cat" exhibition I did with my friend and colleague Rikke Villadsen at CMYK kld in Copenhagen
Alberte & Rosa Lux - Min Klub Først
Cover art for the single "Min Klub Først" by Alberte & Rosa Lux
Tales from the sea
"Tales from the sea" An exhibition at KBH kunsthal (Krabbesholm) Made of painted plywood, a new and not least interesting material for me to work with....
Bitchslap Magazine
Small illustrations for the Copenhagen based magazine "Bitchslap Magazine" The top six illustrations is from an article called -The A to Z of Denmark The bottom...
The Bear
Without context, just a lino-cut bear.
Red Tape - Gigposters
A mix of the gigposters I've made for the record label Red Tape and associated bands.
Eight Magazine
Illustration to the Dutch art magazine "Eight Magazine"
Inuit tales and fabels
An old school project about Inuit tales and fabels. They are linocuts and etchings. Inuit tales and fables are amazing, extremely grotesque, weird and without...
Æsop Fables
Two æsop fables. The first one is called "the fox and the goat" and the last one is called "the snake and the file"
The Fish
The big fish has eaten the two lovers, but instead of mourning the decide to have a drink and enjoy the last time they have.
UDVOLD - Exhibition at Vess
Linocuts from my exhibition "Udvold" with my freind and colleague Dorte Naomi, in Copenhagen.
Animal Farm
My graduation project from Kolding School of Design Paper-cuts of George Orwells Animal farm.
Nightpass & My Polaris Artillery
Cover art for the split LP with "My Polaris Artillery" and "Nightpass" Red Tape Records And the t-shirt design
The Worm and the Music
Commissioned work for a friend
In a lake in the woods
Big drawings mad for at small exhibitions during a trade fair.
The City Kill
Cover art and T-shit print design for the Danish band "The City Kill" Red Tape Records The t-shirt design
Udkast #2
Illustrations for the book experiment "Udkast #2" Rånkeldunk publishing ( by Rikke Villadsen )
Event flyers and posters
A little mix of older flyers and posters.
Villains Club 2009-2011
Villains Club was a successful weekly club in copenhagen. I made a new flyer almost every week for two years (2009-2011), here are some of the best.